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By Marco Onofri

Poised as an inquisitive look at today’s vulgar society of we animosity, Marco pulled out the digital barriers in his indecent new ‘Followers’ exhibition. Aimed at removing that shroud of a computer, Onofri’s lens captures lust in it’s lowest form. As vulgarity becomes more and more dominant in the world of the interwebs, decency is lost behind the shroud of a screen. Get a glimpse into what goes on behind those screens as Marco recreates the hidden world in his exclusive web series Followers.

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Marco Onofri has been a professional photographer for twenty years. That in itself is no easy feat. Without discredit to his time spent behind the lens, it’s his unique view that through the glass that captivates viewers from all walks of life. His work is reflective of his character: shy and cautious; yet sensitive and intuitional. He has that special ability of turning the small, almost invisible layers of everyday life into the most special and exquisite treasures. His pictures are an almost ethereal combination of melancholic portraits and nostalgic landscapes; a quiet ode to simplicity, that perfectly conveys his thought pattern to his audience.

Originally from Emilia Romagna, his work has been exhibited both throughout Italy and abroad. His work is very open to the diversification of forms. The only unchangeable element of his work, is his minimalistic style of shooting. Simplicity is, after all, the ultimate sophistication. Finding passion through elementary competition with friends, Onofri soon found that photography was more than just a shot. Upon gaining his Through the eyes of his lens he could capture a moment that spoke to others.

Onofri’s approach to the art world has been immensely fulfilling since starting the journey some twenty years ago. To keep stimulated, Marco surrounds himself with a number of well-known photographers and artists such as Stephen Shore, Lise Sarfati, Sarah Moon, Michael Ackerman, Gregory Crewdson, and Hopper. Keeping a sharp eye on these forward thinking shooters offering a fresh perspective on an intricate art. Swedish legend Anders Petersen played a pivotal role in this practice of industry interaction. His impact on Marco is a constant reminder how unrepeatable every individual is. This theme is essential as he captures the world with precious swiftness.

Art is, in plain words, unexplainable. Humans don’t need it to survive, yet they can’t live without it. We have yet to give an adequate description as to what Art is. One thing that’s for sure it is that its certainly an expression of the individuality of the artist. The urge to compose art is like an insatiable hunger; a force from within that pushes the creator to channel their emotions into creative outlets. Through their work, artists can transmit a message about themselves or the society they live in. This message can be anything: from photography to sculpture and from painting to dancing. An artist uses their work, first and foremost, to communicate with the world in a free manner. Marco Onofri has perfected that communication through years of experience and thousands of shutter snaps.

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  • 365 AMERICA, Limited edition calendar, 2014
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  • IL RUMORE DI UNO SGUARDO, professional workshop, Dijon, Spain, 2013
  • NY LOW AND HIGH, Best Self publish book of the year, First prize, 2010
  • CUBA, exhibition, Palazzo dei Sette, Orvieto Fotografia, 2010
  • ANOTHER PLACE, SIFEST Photofestival, Savignano sul Rubicone (Rn), 2009