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YTHH - The Rats Agency


The Rats Agency


Influenced by the lifestyle of a generation, the silent walk through the emotion and stagnation of life. In half a dozen minutes, the dreamlike visuals of YTHH showcase a carefree yet stunted society. As a film director and mixed media artist, Olivander seeks to capture the most discrete levels of sentiment through capturing new sights in old ways.

Throughout the streets, countries, and continents the latter generation of today’s YTHH are frozen in the singular mindset of independence and immunity. Focusing the lens on cultural passion the blows past rebellion, Olivander captures a calm sense of aimlessness all pointed in the same direction. Blended sights and sounds instigate a trancelike snapshot of experiences from the evolving youth world.

The story comes to life as a top pick at Florence’s Diffrazioni Festival, the leading film and mixed media event in Northern Italy. Along side exhibitions from Marina Abramovich, Nam Jun Paik, Charles Atlas, YTHH will appear on November 26 as part of the festival. Hosted in the Royal Palace of Santa Maria Novella, the event boasts a synergy of higher education in the arts, progressive public administration, non-profits, and young artists of course.

This major step for the Olivander project is evidence of artistic evolution. Delivering an aligned asthetic through various mediums is a challenge with attractive results. As Olivander continues to deliver sights and sounds all with an unsettling level of complacent authenticity.