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Youth Blindness - The Rats Agency


The Rats Agency
VCard Portfolio Content Video Youth Blindness
Youth Blindness

Youth Blindness

Featuring Olivander, Colette Gaserini, CROP Handmade, and Marino Bonizzato

Natural landscapes emit an array of beauty best captured by and artist. Through multiple media in an extraordinary state like the planets in alignment; artists of different styles, formats, and times expressed dance, sights and sounds in this stark representation of aimless youth running blind in a land of nothingness. The cohesive blend of the ballet dancer, bespoke designer, architect, and digital artist has resulted in this the piece ‘Youth Blindness’.

Budding from the sights and sounds of Olivander’s digital work, the seed was in the song leading the way to the product. By capturing the movements of Stefanescu ballerina Colette Gasperini, the sounds were immediately given a subject, a meaning. Draped in exclusive pieces by CROP designer handmade tailor. Modeled after the sleek flow of a cape, CROP’s creator fashions bespoke dresses to reflect the intricacy and poise of the wearer. The quality of materials and intricacy of the craft immediately appealed to Olivander’s parallel approach to digital production of audio and video. Two minds with similar processes to develop products each tempting in their own way.

Leveraging the structural design ‘La Prua’ plaza by Italian architect Marino Bonizzato. Crafted to represent the renaissance themes that were essential in evolving the art and expression both locally and globally. Located in the Italian coastal town of Rimini, the area boasts a rich history of innovation. Bonizzato’s design reflects the bravery and innovation by champions of industry and art.   

The final result is a woven blend of metaphors all display a common theme, the blindness of youth. The white confines and cylindrical holes of the plaza represent a state of adolescence with endless opportunities but no direction. From the heart of the plaza the setting is metaphysical, a place outside of time and space. The elegant yet flexibility of the couture materials exemplify youth aesthetic. Moving through a volatile stage of life, immaturity and ignorance can often serve as a shield to the harsh realities of modern survival. Blindness personifies the human soul. Moving through life gracefully without true sight, youth feel their way through interaction, relationships, and growth.

At it’s foundation, the track presents an intricate framework of abstract percussion. Gently rising chords complement grainy compression from the dusty gear of Olviander’s flea market studio. A delicate balance of techno influences, experimental production, and catchy arrangement the product is an alternative interpretation of underground evolution. As an abstract view of passion and drive without direction, this alignment of artists focuses on the millennial outlook. Wandering through art and life, this is the age of Youth Blindness.

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