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Vacant - The Rats Agency


The Rats Agency


The planets align in Obsidian’s latest deep and dark garage release. In line with the label’s growing catalogue of outer world electronic, London’s Vacant join the crew with a late night tip that’s sound gone bad in the best way. As a producer from the urban underbelly, Vacant has build a name out based on low cuts framed with percussive foundations of UK vibes. This latest is no different as he fits the dances floor with slow ride anthems.

Elegantly titled Disown, like Vacant’s other tunes he doesn’t follow the rules. Kicking off with grueling but clean cosmic synth, the brooding single fills in with detailed drums and subdued cymbals. Painting an ominous picture of the underground, tough vocal snips lead into a subtle lead thats truly untouchable. Somewhere between minimal bass music and club-ready garage, this one packs a punch that the junglist should vibe and and selecta can appreciate.

More about Obsidian

By artists for art, Obsidian Records doesn’t have an agenda or schedule. Wandering seemingly aimless through the world of genres the imprint skirts the orbit of electronic production picking up only the best quality selects from the universe and beyond. Led by breakout designer Funi, sound engineering champ Nelson, and multi-media DIYer Olivander the three are paving a path far beyond Mars.