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Landside - The Rats Agency


The Rats Agency


Olivander X Landslide at Milan Design Week

Visual artist and electronic innovator teamed up with forward-thinking underground duo Landside for an alluring experience in live. As a breakout act on local label Just This, the Icelandic duo tapped Olivander for their debut live set. Prime placed in the global center for all things things fashion (Milan Design Week), the result needed to embody the aesthetic of tastemaker studio sounds.

</body> from Landside & Olivander on Vimeo.

Blending intricate shots of raw human form with shadowy accents and mysterious angles, Olivander delivered unique and captivating content made for an avant guard crowd. As Landside kept the vibes deep, Olivander powered the visuals for a late night affair fit for the trendy crowd. The well received debut prompted an eager demand for the project at tastemaker events throughout Italy and Ibiza.