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Olivander - The Rats Agency


The Rats Agency
VCard Portfolio Video Olivander


Looking to break the boundaries of modern electronica and acceptable filmmaking, the latest delivery by Olivander is an ambient hymn packed with the passion of opposition. Luca Gasperoni aka Olivander has a keen eye for controversy to pair with his palate for impactful production. As an escape from his work in commercial production, Olivander’s growing catalogue contains a consistent theme of subversive tones through a labyrinth of production in both audio and video form.

Channelling the monophonic tones of a lost time long ago, ‘Ode Against Mankind’ is a digital  representation of the struggles humanity is facing to modernize in both technology and culture. The ominous ballad overlays indigenous drums for a primal melody staged on an electric foundation. The unholy melody is chilling throughout this ambient underground selection. As a fitting listen to any setting, the intricate production offers an audio expedition through analog composition.    

The accompanying short paints a grim picture of social troubles that we experience today. A psychedelic journey through the murmured verses of struggle unheard by the rulers of civilization. Through this trying political climate, pieces like ‘Ode Against Mankind’ are a plea to logic and compassion across the globe. As an artistic advocate for basic human rights, Olivander’s work often carries a strong undertone of resistance. This entrancing eight minutes of A/V evoke the questions facing all human citizens. Will you join and compose a future worth listening to?

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