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Extraterrestrial Sounds of Futuridum

Extraterrestrial Sounds of Futuridum

In the video game world combining entrancing yet gritty audio compliments is no easy feat. Studio innovators Olivander and Nelson (previously Qubit) teamed up with indie game developers MixBag to create extraterrestrial sounds for their extended play game. Dubbed ‘the most exicitng shooter of the year’ by top critics, Futuridium is an old school shoot’em up with a modern twist. Futuridium EP offers fast paced, non stop, hard as hell action, with an original 45 minutes soundtrack and colourful, glitchy graphic.

The soundtrack sold out of the 5000 limited edition pre-sale copies and received rave reviews from fans. The PlayStation Vita version holds a 75% rating on review aggregatorGameRankings, while the PlayStation 4 version has a 70% rating. OnMetacritic, the PlayStation 4 and Vita versions hold scores of 74/100 and 65/100 respectively.