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The Rats Agency -


The Rats Agency

We. Are. Rats.

A digital agency by necessity but a cultural influencer by nature; we’re a group of web natives, tech nerds, and passionate musicians eager to drive the evolution of electronic experience.

Skate rats, park rats, rave rats and more. Our tiny crew isn’t afraid of the dark, loves to get dirty and always gets the cheese. With a diverse set of experiences and unique skill sets, we’re keen to discuss projects that push the boundaries of contemporary music and culture.

Throughout the spectrum of independent music, we immerse ourselves by sneaking in and staying up late. From Miami to Ibiza, we’re constantly on the hunt for progressive experiences with early adopters and digital natives. From the main stage to the main cabin, we dwell in stream with emerging talent.


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Phone: +1 (415) 638-9235
Address: San Francisco